Clinical Rotation Volunteer FAQs

Shadowing and Internships

I am in an M.A. (medical assistant) or C.N.A. (certified nursing assistant) program and I need to complete an externship. Can I do this at Jersey City Medical Center?

Most local health schools accept our general nursing volunteer position as an externship for their M.A. or C.N.A. programs. Those include: Anthem Institute, D & J, and Institute for Health Education. If your school is not listed, please call (201) 309-2739 and we will forward you a copy of the volunteer job description to get approved with your school.

I am in a P.A. (physician assistant) program and need shadowing hours. Can I do this at JCMC?

We do take applications for this. Please call (201) 309-2739 for details.

Can I shadow another medical professional?

We do not offer shadowing of other medical professionals.

I am a nursing or allied health student and need to complete a clinical rotation, internship, or externship for academic credit.

Please see Clinical Rotations.

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