Curriculum and Research

The Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency Program at Community Medical Center is committed to providing a robust program designed to develop residents into thoughtful physicians of the future who are dedicated to the highest quality of patient care.

Our program outline will include exposure to many major core rotations within the first year, with increased exposure to other disciplines in PGY-2 and PGY-3. In addition to complete rotations at two RWJBH hospitals, our faculty have robust outpatient private practices which residents will be able to rotate through to generate exposure to pre and post operative elective surgical management, as well as billing and practice management.

Additionally, beginning in 2021, Community Medical Center will be incorporating Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine Residency Programs. Our affiliation with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health will give podiatric residents all of the benefits afforded others. There are currently no other surgical residents at Community Medical Center, and as a result we expect the experiences on surgical rotations will allow for heavy participation by our podiatric medicine and surgery residents. Our goal at Community Medical Center is to help our residents develop into proficient, skilled surgeons, who can perform on par with any other medical specialty.

First Year Podiatric Medicine & Surgical Residency (PGY-1)

  • Podiatry (including medicine and surgery) -- 22 weeks
  • Internal Medicine (outpatient) -- 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine -- 4 weeks
  • General Surgery -- 4 weeks
  • Radiology -- 2 weeks
  • Dermatology -- 2 weeks
  • Neurology -- 2 weeks
  • Wound Care -- 4 weeks
  • Geriatrics -- 2 weeks
  • Psychiatry -- 2 weeks

Second Year Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency (PGY-2)

  • Podiatry (including medicine and surgery) -- 26 weeks
  • Wound Care -- 2 weeks
  • Anesthesia -- 2 weeks
  • Infectious Disease -- 4 weeks
  • Pathology -- 2 weeks
  • Orthopedic Surgery -- 4 weeks
  • Vascular Surgery -- 4 weeks
  • Pain Management -- 2 weeks

Third Year Podiatric Medicine and Surgical Residency (PGY-3)

  • Podiatry (including medicine and surgery) -- 36 weeks
  • Wound Care -- 4 weeks
  • Elective Rotations -- 4 weeks

Didactic Curriculum

  • 90-minute meetings twice per week
  • Activities may occur in conjunction with CMC’s other GME programs
  • Resident lectures
  • Case discussions
  • Radiology rounds
  • Clinical pathology conferences
  • M&M conferences
  • Cadaver dissections
  • Tumor conferences
  • Guest lecturers
  • Teaching rounds
  • Monthly Journal Club

Sample didactic topics include: digital surgery, first ray, foot surgery, rearfoot/ankle trauma, other complications, hardware principles.


In addition to clinical academics, our faculty is well published and is primed to incorporate our residents in our active research studies as well as cultivate an environment for residents to generate their own interests/research. We will strongly encourage and assist with all residents submitting at least one poster or paper for publication during their times at Community Medical Center.