Why WAVE? Promoting Healthy Living

WAVE van

Every senior citizen enrolled in Medicare is entitled to an important health benefit: a no-cost Annual Wellness Visit, paid by Medicare and established by the Affordable Care Act (national health care reform). But few seniors take advantage of this no-cost visit, even though it may help them stay healthier longer.

WAVE (the Wellness Van for Elders) and Clara Maass Medical Center make it easy to receive this valuable service, by bringing doctors and nurse practitioners to groups of seniors throughout the area. Seniors leave their WAVE visit with wellness information and test results to take back and discuss with their doctor.

The Annual Wellness Visit is available to seniors who have either traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage plans.

An Annual Wellness Visit provided through WAVE does not replace ongoing care with your physician. It is an added benefit with a focus on maintaining your health.

No referrals are needed and no co-pays or deductibles are required.

Se habla Español: WAVE has staff who speak both Spanish and English, to help all area seniors receive an informative Medicare Annual Wellness Visit.