How Does WAVE Help Seniors?

WAVE Frequently Asked Questions

WAVE delivers Annual Wellness Visits to eligible Medicare recipients, with no copays, deductibles or coinsurance fees. It is available once each year for seniors enrolled either in traditional Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan. WAVE comes to your location, so seniors don't have to travel far. The preventive care provided by WAVE helps seniors stay healthy and enhances independence and quality of life.

Designed to help prevent future illness and injury, the WAVE visit includes:

  • A health and wellness interview that includes a review of each senior's vital signs, health habits and risk factors.
  • Simple screenings to check memory, risk of falling, bone density, circulation, heart and nerve functions, breathing ability and risk of depression.
    • Many of these tests have no Medicare co-pays.
  • Time to talk 1-on-1 about overall physical health and ways to stay healthy.
  • An easy-to-understand report and personal health plan that each senior takes home and can bring to future medical appointments. The plan includes recommended services and screenings for the next 5 to 10 years, including many no-cost Medicare services.

Is a referral or pre-approval required for a WAVE visit?

No, seniors do not need a doctor’s referral or pre-approval from an insurance provider. WAVE staff will confirm each senior’s eligibility right before the visit begins.

What do seniors need to bring to a WAVE appointment?

Seniors must bring their Medicare cards. Each person’s eligibility will be confirmed before the appointment. Seniors should also bring a list of all their current medications, supplements and vitamins.

The WAVE Program is made possible through a generous grant from The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey.

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