Diagnostic Services

  • Diagnostic Services at Clara Maass Medical CenterRadiology: 973-450-2030
  • Progressive Imaging: 973-844-4170
  • Nuclear Medicine: 973-450-2228

The Clara Maass Medical Center Diagnostic Laboratory is a full-service lab offering a wide variety of diagnostic testing including Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Blood Bank, Pathology and Cytology. It is fully licensed by the State of New Jersey, and accredited by the College of American Pathologists and the American Association of Blood Banks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an appointment?

If your physician says that you do not need to have the test at a specific time, you may arrive without an appointment. If your physician requests a glucose tolerance test, an appointment or phone call is necessary since you will have to have these tests administered in the morning. You do not need an appointment for a fasting test, which requires abstaining from food for 12 hours prior to the test.

  • What do I bring when I come to the office?

Your physician will give you a prescription listing the test required. Be sure to bring this as well as your medical insurance information. Diagnosis is mandatory as well as the signature of the medical doctor.

  • What kind of insurance does the laboratory accept?

Medical laboratory technicians reviewing liquid sample in vial

The Clara Maass Diagnostic Laboratory accepts many types of insurance. The Laboratory also has arrangements with some larger reference laboratories that have exclusive contracts with many insurance companies. In these cases, the Lab may be able to forward the sample to the laboratory recognized by your insurance company. If there are any questions please call the Diagnostic Laboratory at 973.450.2166.

  • Will the testing take long?

On average, most patients spend less than 30 minutes at the Laboratory.

  • Does taking a blood test hurt?

When taking a blood sample, you will feel a small pinch in the arm. Side effects are rare.

  • When will my physician get my results?

Many blood tests are done the same day.

There are certain special tests or cultures that may require overnight procedures.

  • How will my doctor get the results?

Your results will be compiled in the Laboratory's computer system which creates several reports each day. The reports will either be hand delivered or mailed to your private physician's office. Results can also be called in or faxed upon a physician's request. Additionally, physicians who have access to our Laboratory's computer system will be able to access results directly from his/her office.