Direct Admission & Intake Process

Direct Admission

We offer direct admission for patients who meet certain criteria and who are not in an emergency room or medical hospital. Please call 800.300.0628 for a patient direct admission. Physician referrals for direct admission expedite care and alleviate large volume in the Emergency Department.

The Intake Process

Before processing a direct admission, the necessary information is collected directly from the patient or the referral source. As the referring physician, you will be required to provide any or all of the following information before your patient may be admitted:

  • Demographic information
  • Clinical report / psychiatric evaluation
  • Medical information (i.e. medical conditions, prescribed medications and recent lab work)

If your patient is seeking voluntary admission, we will fax a voluntary consent form to your office for your patient to sign.

Upon receipt of this information, our on-call psychiatrist will choose one of three options:

  • Proceed with a Direct Admission: Medical clearance waived or accepted based on recent lab work; patient admitted to our facility directly from their current location.
  • Grant Psych Approval: Patient may need to visit closest ER for medical clearance if there are any medical concerns.
  • Send Patient to the ER for a Screening: If the psychiatrist does not feel the patient’s presentation is appropriate for a direct admission, he/she may request the patient be sent to closest screening center for an evaluation.

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