Chronic Pain Management & FND Advocacy

Children's Specialized Hospital
Chronic Pain & FND Center of Excellence

Children’s Specialized Hospital Chronic Pain & Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Center of Excellence supports individuals in their pursuit of functional independence and social, health care, and educational equity. Through safety, interventional and educational outreach, we’re committed to being advocates for all the individuals we serve.

Safety Outreach

  • Crisis Prevention and management*
  • Psychiatric risk screening
*currently applicable if patient is being treating in our clinic/hospital

Interventional Outreach

  • Multidisciplinary therapies
  • Mind-body approaches
  • School/ Community reintegration

Educational Outreach

  • Consultation and support
  • Parent groups (inpatient only)
  • Pain Neuroscience Education (inpatient only)

Patient Stories

  • "The entire staff was amazing, from nurses to the psychologists. It's an amazing program. The staff goes above and beyond for everyone."

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  • “We’re very thankful and grateful for the program and for everyone who helped us get our child back. I’d recommend the Chronic Pain Management Program to anyone.”

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  • Trust the process, encourages Rachel. There are days where it’s going to be really hard but it’s worth it. Tell your therapists what’s on your mind – they really care.

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Patient Stories

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