June 2022: The Creativity Connection

Woman with Creative Thoughts

Science continues to uncover evidence about the benefits of creativity. From emotional to psychological to physical, the health benefits of exploring your creative side are very compelling. And the definition of creativity is broader than you think.

We normally think of creativity as drawing, painting, playing music, singing or writing the great American novel.
However, not everyone has those talents. If you like to
color, doodle, craft, scrapbook, dance or even re-organize spaces in your home, you are creative and should find ways to build those things into your daily routine.

When I’m in my garden, I usually get completely lost in what I’m doing and look up to find I’ve been outside for hours. That’s what psychologists call a “flow state.” In this state, we are more mindful, relaxed and feel more positive with a sense of accomplishment. In addition, flow helps to reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and even slows your heart rate. People who experience flow report higher creativity, productivity, and happiness levels.

Find a creative activity that makes you flow every day.

If a daily dose of creativity doesn’t seem to help with overwhelming emotions, call One Source EAP at 1 (800) 300-0628. Calls are answered 24/7/365 and are completely confidential.

Five Ways Creativity Improves Your Health

Any creative activity, from dancing to knitting, to reimagining how a particular activity can be done better or differently, gives you a dopamine rush and can improve your health in a variety of ways.

· Increases happiness

· Reduces dementia

· Improves mental health

· Boosts your immune system

· Makes you smarter

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to read the full Forbes article, “Here's How Creativity Actually Improves Your Health.”

Let One Source EAP Seminars Help You Build Creativity

For those of us who think we’re not terrifically creative, finding how to be creative can be a challenge. At One Source EAP, we have seminars for you and your teams to help you find your creativity. Topics such as “Awaken Your Creative Self” and “Creative Thinking in the Workplace,” can help you and your team members harness your creative juices. A creative team is a happy team.

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