Feb 28, 2022 March 2022: Radiating Positivity

The Power of Positive People

There are people in our lives who lift us up and make us smile. They’re fun to be around and make the workplace more enjoyable.

These people radiate positivity and choose to be “realistic optimists”, meaning they view events
realistically, even stressful ones, yet they look for ways to create positive outcomes.

We all need positive people in our lives and you can be one too. Try these simple steps each day.

1. Choose happiness rather than complaining.

2. Make gratitude a habit. Think of what you are grateful for.

3. Smile! People will smile back and brighten your day.

4. Seek the Silver Lining. You can learn a lot from mistakes.

5. Know what you can and can’t control. Focus on those things you can.

6. Prioritize happiness. Surround yourself with
positive people.

If you don’t think you can do them all at once, choose one or two to start.

The Side Benefits of Positivity

Beyond impacting your immediate workplace in really great ways,
having a positive mindset has
long-term benefits as well.

Expand Your skills

Gain a broader vision

A positive mindset is contagious

Live longer

Change your focus

Create a trustworthy reputation

For details on how this works, click here to read the full article, “6 Side Effects of a Positive Mindset.”

Let One Source EAP Help Lift You Up

If you find it difficult to find positivity in your routine and it interrupts your peace of mind or daily life, our network of counselors are here to help. Call (800) 300-0628 to get started. Calls are answered 24/7/365 and are completely confidential.

Our website has additional information and resources, including The Calm Collection original video series to lift you up in just minutes. You can also schedule a seminar for your team. We offer many topics related to positivity, such as “Attitude: Radiating Possibility,” “Building Self Esteem” and many others.