November 2022: Communication Essential - Listening

Woman straining to hear

Last month, we discussed strategies and techniques for conflict management and de-escalation. This month, we follow up with one of the most important skills for both conflict management and effective communication - listening.

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply. Listening skills are an essential component of being an excellent communicator. Click here for the Ten Reasons Listening is essential. By practicing the 10 tips for active listening you will increase your ability to focus, understand, remember and respond effectively.

In the workplace, balancing active listening while ensuring impactful, high-quality customer service can be difficult. One Source EAP offers Communication and Listening Skills seminars for teams to learn and practice using tools to increase their effectiveness. As these skills grow, the balancing act becomes more manageable.

If difficult emotions or relationships become impediments to effective communication, One Source EAP offers free and confidential help to sort through the challenges in life
before they become crises.

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Ten Tips for Active Listening

  1. Face the speaker and have eye contact
  2. “Listen” to non-verbal cues too
  3. Don’t interrupt
  4. Listen without judging
  5. Don’t start planning what to say next
  6. Show that you’re listening
  7. Don’t impose your opinions or solutions
  8. Stay Focused
  9. Ask questions
  10. Paraphrase and summarize

Learn more about these tips.

One Source EAP Seminars Can Help Improve Individual and Team Communication

Effective communication is critical to team functioning and essential for a healthy, happy workplace. One Source EAP offers a wide range of Seminar topics to help teams understand and use best practices in the area of communication, including Communication Fundamentals and Developing Outstanding Listening Skills. Check out our seminar page for the full catalog of our seminar offerings. Request a seminar for your team.

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