Celebrating Resilience!

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One Source EAP Connections – July 2021

I’ve spent the last month separating and transplanting my perennials. This process puts a lot of stress on the plants and, for the first week or so, they don’t look like they’ll survive. Then they stabilize and, within a month, they take off like gangbusters. Perennials are resilient!

The same is true for people put under significant stress. Even in the face of events that seem utterly unimaginable, resilience allows people to marshal the strength to not just survive, but to prosper.

During the height of COVID-19, we were all up-rooted from our normal lives. Like perennials, there is a period of adjustment before we begin to thrive again. For some, the adjustment has already taken place, for others it is in progress or is just beginning. Adjustment is a process and there are several ways you can actively build your own resilience.

Should you need support building your personal resilience, One Source EAP can help. To use your benefit, call (800) 300-0628. The Access Center is open 24/7/365.

Contact with the EAP is completely confidential!

Visit our website for information and additional resources.

How to Build Resilience

Resilience gives people the strength to tackle problems head-on, overcome adversity, and thrive after a stressful event. This article from Very Well Mind, provides a more in-depth description of what resilience is, what it does and how to build it.

To build your personal resilience:

  • Reframe Your Thoughts
  • Focus on What You Can Control
  • Manage Stress
  • Seek Support

Make One Source EAP your first call when seeking support!

Let One Source EAP Help You Build Resilience

Let’s thrive together! One Source EAP has a number of seminars available for those who want to build resiliency as a team, such as Resiliency Training. Click here to view the full seminar catalog. Your HR partner can help you request a seminar for your team.

As always, the Calm Collection video series can help you manage stress in just a few minutes. All these resources and more are available to you 24/7 on the One Source EAP website.

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