Overcoming COVID-19 Fatigue

overcoming COVID-19 fatigueOne Source EAP Connections – February 2021

We are in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19 and there continue to be challenges to maintaining basic protective measures: wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping social distance and staying away from crowds. Many of us are experiencing pandemic fatigue and it’s a big contributing factor to the current uptick in infections and deaths.

Yes, we’re all getting tired of staying home, remembering to bring a mask with us and just want things to go back to “normal.” To understand pandemic fatigue, think of the last time you went on a diet, vowed to start exercising or decided to break a bad habit. When you first started, you had lots of motivation but as time went by, you lost your “why.”

The same thing is happening now. At the beginning of the pandemic, fear was our motivation. Stories of loss of life and overwhelmed healthcare systems topped the news. Those stories are still there, but are overshadowed by other events, including the vaccine.

Now is the time to intensify our efforts and find our “why” again. The article at right gives some great advice to help us all get back on track.

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Tips to Deal with Coronavirus Burnout and Pandemic Fatigue

Johns Hopkins Medicine published an article, “How to Deal with Coronavirus Burnout and Pandemic Fatigue” that contains tips you can use to keep up COVID-19 safety practices and avoid coronavirus “safety fatigue” or “burnout,” to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

  1. Make a commitment
  2. Stay flexible
  3. Practice precautions until they’re second nature
  4. Keep necessary supplies handy
  5. Use stories to understand risks and consequences
  6. Give kids some choices
  7. Involve children in keeping families consistent

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