Feb 10, 2021 Breathe Well, Sleep Well

Do you have trouble sleeping through the night?

Jyoti Matta, MD
Jyoti Matta, MD

Breathing disorders, such as asthma, often result in poor quality of sleep. But they’re not the only culprit when it comes to nighttime troubles.

“There’s growing research that heart disease can also lead to poor sleep, for example, and so can a number of other health conditions,” says Jyoti Matta, MD, a pulmonologist and Medical Director of the Center for Sleep Disorders at Jersey City Medical Center.

Because quality of sleep can involve so many factors, Dr. Matta and her team work with a variety of primary care providers and specialists to identify causes and to find the right solution for each patient.

“We have many ways to help find what works for you,” Dr. Matta says. “Treatment for sleep disorders can be simple and usually does not require medicines.”

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