Welcome Back: Monmouth Medical Center


Eric Carney, President and CEO of Monmouth Medical Center

At Monmouth Medical Center, we know that you’ve taken every precaution to keep yourself safe. And so have we. We’ve gone beyond the recommendations of the CDC to implement best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a high reliability organization, we’ve established a culture of safety that led to achieving 11 consecutive Leapfrog “A” safety grades. We have also achieved Magnet designation for nursing excellence with special recognition for outstanding performance in preventing hospital-acquired infections.

To ensure your safety, we have implemented several changes you will experience when you arrive. Everyone in the facility will be wearing masks and practicing safe physical distancing. Like our staff, your temperature will be taken, and you will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19. You will also be reminded throughout your visit to frequently wash your hands and use hand sanitizer. You will observe our staff diligently cleaning all clinical and common areas with antiviral disinfectants approved for COVID-19. Patient care rooms are only turned over after cleaning to operating room sterile environment standards. We are spacing all our appointment times for outpatient services, however, if you need to briefly wait in the waiting room, you will note we have taken every precaution to ensure safe physical distancing.

Victor Almeida, DO FACEP

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine, Monmouth Medical Center

What we’re doing is aggressively sorting patients up front to the emergency department. So, what you’re going to see is really a singular entrance in coming to the emergency department. The goal will be if you have to identify if you have a time-sensitive condition, as for stroke, or as for acute myocardinal infarction – or a heart attack – or if you have something that is going to place you in a person under investigation where we would be concerned that you may have a COVID infection. Your experience coming to the emergency department should not be delayed because of a concern of COVID. As this pandemic develops, our visitor policy has also changed. It’s best – prior to coming to the hospital that you review what that policy may be, and that is again, to protect the patient, the staff, and other folks within the facility.

Meg Fisher, MD

Medical Director, Unterberg Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center

Chair of Pediatrics

The good news has been that children really are not getting very sick from the virus, however, some children are not getting the health care that they need, and what we’re happy to tell you is we are fully ready to take care of your child. Our pediatric unit has been cleaned completely; we’ve gotten it ready for all of our children. Most children will be treated in a single room all by themselves. Our pediatric nurses are the best – they understand children, and they’re here to work with you and your children.

Dmitry Oleynikov, MD

Chair, Department of Surgery, Monmouth Medical Center

As Chair of Surgery, I am particularly focused on bringing back elective surgery in these post-COVID times in a safe manner. We are prioritizing medically necessary and elective procedures based on clinical criteria and guidance of your physician. We have instituted extra precautions in our operating and recovery rooms in addition to testing all patients for COVID-19 prior to surgery. Our surgeons and other staff involved in the patient’s care are also tested prior to the procedure. Monmouth Medical Center implements the latest medical advances in surgery and post-surgical care to provide our patients with a safe, fast recovery, and shortest possible hospital stay.

As always, we utilize a robust patient checklist to ensure patient safety.

Eric Carney, President and CEO of Monmouth Medical Center

What has not changed is our staff’s commitment to provide you the highest quality and safest care. Most importantly, you can expect the same kindness and compassion that you’ve always received from our amazing team. I want to thank the amazing staff and physicians at Monmouth Medical Center for their outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please continue to take great care of yourself and your families. Welcome back, and let’s continue to stay healthy together.