Taking Your Self Care Indoors

Whether you’re self-isolating or coming home after a shift, we will be finding ourselves spending our spare time indoors for the time being. To avoid feeling down and out or unproductive, here are some checklist items that you can go through to keep busy during these trying times.

Exercise: Try doing some push-ups, squats, crunches and lunges. Gyms may be closed but your workout routine doesn’t need to suffer.

Stretch: When was the last time you touched your toes, or reached for the sky? Stretching is helpful for blood flow which greatly benefits your body, especially if you’re sitting down most of the day.

Clean: Clean behind the couch and the bed! Sweep, mop and wipe surfaces down. Not only is this a productive activity, but it can help keep you and your family safe. Remember to use good body mechanics when moving heavy furniture or bending and lifting!

Organize: Have a messy junk drawer? Get rid of the clutter and junk you don’t need. If you don’t have a junk drawer, try organizing a closet. Try making “donate,” “trash” and “keep” piles.

Cook: Try a new recipe or recreate an old one and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Connect: If you live with your family or friends try to have movie and game nights. While we are practicing social distancing, it is important to rely on your immediate housemates for social interaction.

Craft: If you like to craft, try to finish your current project or start a new one. Art is a wonderful way to express yourself, especially during stressful times.

Make a Call: You may not be able to see some of your friends and family for some time, but try calling them to stay connected. Catching up with old friends is always a fun activity. Connect with distant friends and relatives through video chats.

Read: There may be a book or magazine you’ve been eyeing for a while, why not sit down and enjoy some down time?

Learn Something New: Have you ever been curious about something? A new hobby? Why not research it and learn more? Keeping your brain engaged and stimulated is just as important as exercise and eating right.

Self-Spa: If you have some face masks or eye masks lying around, now is the time to use them! Combine it with a bath and staying inside will have never felt so good!

Personal To-Do’s: If you have an ongoing to-do list of things you have been wanting to do around the house, try to check them off. Or make a new to-do list to get started on.