Nov 5, 2018 Fresh Facts About Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is sweet and makes a great addition to children’s meals. Like most forms of winter squash, are rich in vitamin A and carotenoids, which are thought to benefit heart health, blood pressure and the immune system, in addition to lending to healthy skin and hair. Plus, butternut squash is a rich source of fiber and can aid digestion.

With its sweet taste, butternut squash pairs well with savory dishes. It’s loaded with potassium and is water-based, making it a hydrating vegetable. The more orange the color, the riper, drier and sweeter it is. It is often used in soup because it’s less “stringy” than the other squashes.

Butternut squash, either puree or chunks, can be added to a variety of meals to add a sweet component. Get in the fall/winter spirit by incorporating butternut squash into these dishes:

  • Orzo or quinoa salad with spinach
  • Roast and puree butternut squash and pour it over your favorite pasta for a creamy pasta dish
  • Whip up butternut squash and goat cheese pizza
  • Butternut squash soup

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