STYKU 3D Body Scan Overview

STYKU 3D body scanSTYKU is a device that uses 3D body scanning technology to measure your body composition and physical data. It digitally creates a 3D image of your body and measures circumferences like waist, hip, chest and arms. STYKU provides data of gained muscle mass and overall body fat percentage as well as muscle to fat ratios. This technology allows you to clearly see how your body composition changes over time helping to optimize goals for sports and athletic performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is body composition?

Understanding what healthy body composition means is half the battle. Body composition is the term used to determine what percentage of your total body weight comes from fat, bone, and muscle. Two people can weigh the same, but have very different body compositions. Knowing this provides more detailed information about your health and how to address your wellness and fitness needs.

What does my STYKU scan mean?

Your STKYU scan maps a 3D image of your body. A scan provides your body composition breakdown, charts your circumference measurements and provides a body fat ranking based on your classification. This scan is a valuable tool to help set goals and areas to focus on, especially when working with a nutrition or exercise specialist.

How does STYKU scanning help my fitness level or help me reach my performance goals as an athlete?

STYKU is an incredible tool because it get you away from only looking at a number on the scale. It can help motivate you as it provides physical data and shows how your body changes over time. You can actually see the difference, not just read it! STYKU helps by optimizing goals for weight loss, performance and muscle building by providing measurable data.

How long does a body scan take?

The scan itself takes less than 60 seconds and the 3D image is processed in less than 2 minutes. Our STYKU appointments last for 30 minutes from start to finish, including an explanation of your results.

The STYKU body scan technology is offered through the Sports Nutrition Program at The Matthew J. Morahan III Health Assessment Center for Athletes in partnership with Outpatient Nutrition Counseling Services at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center.

To schedule an appointment for body composition, use our website or call The Matthew J. Morahan III Health Assessment Center for Athletes at 973-322-7319.