Nutrition, Weight Loss and Weight Management Services at RWJ Rahway

If you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, RWJ Rahway has the expertise to help.

Diabetes Self-Management
If you’ve been recently diagnosed with diabetes, have been living with diabetes for years or are pre-diabetic, you will benefit from this comprehensive program of education, weight loss, medication management and support. Those who control their diabetes significantly reduce the risk of serious complications from heart disease, stroke, blindness and kidney failure. And those who have received our diabetes education have significantly lowered their A1C.

The program works with you on nutrition and meal planning, both at home and out, as well as exercise, medication management and stress reduction. For more information call 732-499-6109.

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurers cover diabetes self-management training.

Medical Weight Loss with Registered Dietitian
Perhaps you and your doctor have discussed nutrition counseling to aid in healthy weight loss or to help manage a medical condition. Consider one-on-one counseling under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian. Education includes developing a food diary, discussing food and medication, label reading, portion control and more. Please obtain a prescription from your doctor for this nutrition consultation and check your insurance for coverage. For more information call 732-499-6210.

Lighter Lifestyle Small Group Weight Loss and Support
For those who want to lose weight but prefer a small group setting under the direction of a Registered Dietitian. Eight week program includes food diary, weigh-in, nutritional advice, food shopping, label reading, portion control and mindful eating. You Participant will also benefit from an ongoing support group to help stay focused and motivated. This program does not require a prescription. Cost is $150 for eight weeks. To begin, call 732-499-6109

The RWJ Rahway Fitness & Wellness Centers offer wellness exercise programs under the direction of fitness trainers. These small group programs are offered for people with diabetes, as well as those considering bariatric surgery or for who have had the surgery. They are 16 one hour sessions for $199 under the supervision of fitness trainer. You do not have to be a member of the center to enroll. For more information call 908.838.9771.

Patient Stories

  • “All my numbers are perfect. Some of my doctors are amazed.”

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  • Before surgery, walking a half mile took 45 minutes. Now it takes me 12.

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Patient Stories

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