Mary H How Weight Loss Surgery Changes Lives: Mary's Story

“I feel like I’m 25 again.”

Mary Hyatt, 37, Staten Island

Healthcare worker, Clara Maass Medical Center

Date of surgery: August 9, 2021

Pounds lost: 90

Naveen Ballem MD
Naveen Ballem MD

Biggest benefit: “No more high blood pressure, no more prediabetes.” Her polycystic ovary syndrome condition, which made it harder to lose weight, is better managed now after bariatric surgery helped her break a pattern of frustratingly unproductive workouts.

Lifestyle change: “I feel like I’m 25 again,” says Hyatt, who is now in supervised training to accomplish a feat on her bucket list: run in the New York City Marathon. “I just wish I had done this years ago. This has helped me in a lot of areas in my life.”

Bariatric surgery changes a person physically, but patients find it transforms their lives as well,” says Naveen Ballem, MD, bariatric surgeon at Clara Maass Medical Center (CMMC). “They develop new habits and new attitudes. It’s literally a new lease on a longer, better and healthier life.”

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