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The Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center

The Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center is committed to meeting the breast health needs of all women. Every woman is concerned about her breast health, and for that reason alone, every woman deserves the best in breast care. At the Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center, we provide a comfortable and supportive setting where all outpatient breast health care services are provided in one convenient location—from routine mammography screenings to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer or benign breast disease.

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Breast Center Diagnostic Services

The Jacqueline M. Wilentz Comprehensive Breast Center achieves an optimal level of care that is offered nowhere else in the region. We offer the latest in technology and services, including:

  • Comprehensive care of the breast cancer patient by a multidisciplinary panel of breast and reconstructive surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists who meet weekly to prospectively consider all elements of the patients' care; this provides an opportunity for multiple second opinions for each patient
  • A Breast Cancer High Risk Assessment Program with access to genetic testing
  • Access to the latest clinical research and trials
  • Surgical consultations
  • Breast patient navigator
  • Appointments are not required for screening mammography

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Latest Technologies

We have the latest in screening and diagnostic imaging technologies:

  • All digital screening and diagnostic mammography.
  • Tomosynthesis. A special kind of mammogram that produces a 3-D image of the breast by using several low dose x-rays obtained at different angles. For tomosynthesis, the breast is positioned and compressed in the same way as for a mammogram but the x-ray tube moves in a circular arc around the breast, and the information is sent to a computer, which produces a focused 3-D image of the breast.
  • Computer-aided detection (iCAD) mammography.–A system that helps our radiologists recognize subtle changes in breast tissue.
  • Breast MRI. An additional screening tool reserved for women who are at high risk for breast cancer due to family history and/or a mutation in genes such as BRCA1 or BRCA2. Diagnostic breast MRI is offered as well.
  • Whole-breast ultrasound. A adjunct to mammography for screening women with dense breast tissue.
  • High-resolution breast ultrasound. A diagnostic tool that provides a picture of the breast tissue, including the area closest to the chest wall, which can be difficult to image through a mammogram alone.
  • Ultrasound-guided core needle or fine-needle biopsy. An advanced, minimally invasive and virtually painless procedure that is used in place of surgical biopsy to determine if a tumor is cancerous.
  • Stereotactic breast biopsy . An advanced biopsy system with a high degree of accuracy that is also a virtually painless alternative to surgery.
  • Dexa scanning. Bone density testing.

To learn more about breast screening, please contact us at 732-923-7700.

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Wilentz Center Receives Women’s Choice Award as One of America’s Best Breast Centers

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