Monmouth Medical Center’s
Nursing Professional Practice Model

Nursing practice is centered on self, the patient, family, and community by adhering to evidence-based practices that enhance the quality and safety of the care that is provided. In December, the Professional Practice Model was updated in 2021 by consensus vote of the Shared Governance Councils. The change reflects Monmouth Medical Center’s innate ability to adapt to the professional landscape.

Practice Model

High Reliability

On our Safety Together journey in a high reliability organization, we strive to reduce our risks of experiencing errors, ensure we have a fair and just response, and constantly encourage and reinforce teamwork and continuous improvement.

Performance Excellence

We demonstrate accountability to our patients and profession by adhering to the standards of care and professional practice through quality improvement initiatives and nurse-sensitive indicators.

Professional Development

We demonstrate professional development and growth by supporting the advancement of formal education and professional certification as well as the mentoring of all levels of nursing professionals.

Diversity & Inclusion

We strive to implement strategies that support our diverse community and workforce, while ensuring equitable, high-quality, and culturally competent patient-centered care and outcomes in an inclusive environment.

Caring & Compassion

Holistic Approach: We provide care of the mind, body, and spirit through disease prevention, promotion of health and wellness, and healing.

Collaboration & Communication

We collaborate and communicate with the patient, family, and multidisciplinary healthcare team to develop a plan of care that is individualized, measurable, and achievable.

Shared Governance

We use a shared governance model within the organization in which clinical nurses and the nursing leadership team collaborate to identify the standards of care and nursing practice.

Evidence-Based Practice & Research

We use evidence-based practice to integrate the best, current evidence into clinical practice to ensure that high-quality care is provided to our community.