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Share Your Thanks

Last week, staff at RWJBarnabas Health at Bayonne found a simple three word message scrawled in chalk on the sidewalk: “Heroes work here.”

Through the action of an anonymous individual in Bayonne, one little gesture had enormous impact.

And we couldn’t agree more. The 44,000 employees, clinicians and physicians throughout RWJBarnabas Health are working tirelessly to protect and keep New Jersey’s residents, families, friends and colleagues safe and healthy in the face of this unprecedented pandemic.

Be a hero yourself and help us recognize these selfless individuals, especially those on the front lines.

We are in this together. Let’s beat COVID-19 together. Let’s be healthy together.

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Show Your Support for Our Heroes

Print out one of the attached signage templates for your local hospital (scroll through the pdf to select), personalize your message and post on your lawn or in your window to show your support. And take a picture, post on social media and be sure to tag our facility and include #HeroesWorkHere.

Notes of Thanks

  • Amazing great people work at Saint Barnabas. True heros. They, at all times, even in the pandemic, not only provide excellent physical health care, but also show emotional care and compassion, which is such an important factor in people’s health. Thank you! Natalia
  • Heroes always work hard to protect us they have brave and courage. This goes out to all the firefighters, police, doctors, hospitals and even more who help our city. Gissel
  • Thank you so much for all you are doing to help COVID-19 patients and their families. I know your work has had you stressed and has taken a toll on you too. But without you, all of those families you have helped would not have their loved ones around today. Words can not truly express one's appreciation alone. Thank You for all of your hard work, sacrifices and dedication. Michele
  • Thanks for being so brave and helping to stop coronavirus. I hope you're ok and have a great day. Thanaa
  • You are truly modern day heroes. Haroon
  • I hope you're ok and have a great day. Keep washing your hands! Liani
  • Thank you for trying and fighting the COVID-19 with your heart. Emily
  • Thanks for everything you do. We really appreciate all your hard work. We also thank you for your dedication. Bhanu
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