Current Residents


David Artin, MDDavid Artin, MD
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Personal Interests: International travel, financial literacy and investing (stocks, options, cryptocurrency), mentoring, mindfulness and meditation practice, basketball, futbol, weight-lifting, reading and audiobooks.
Professional Interests: Serving the underserved, social determinants of health, public health, community advocacy, mentoring, looking forward to learning more about hospitalist medicine, academic medicine, and specialty training.

Simona Chadi, DOSimona Chadi, DO
New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Interests: Spending time with friends and family (bonus when I can cook for them!), going on walks, and listening to Oprah podcasts.
Professional Interests: I love learning about Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics and Public Health, and I’m excited to keep exploring!

Andrea Charara, MDAndrea Charara, MD
St. George’s University School of Medicine

Personal Interests: I love to snuggle my golden retriever Cosmo. Love family time, fashion, makeup, travel, architecture and design.
Professional Interests: Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Alessandria Faverio, MDAlessandra Faverio, MD
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Personal Interests: I love going to the beach, travelling, café bustelo, spending time with family & friends and binge-watching shows on Netflix
Professional Interests: Pulmonology, Inpatient Pediatrics

Alexandra Friedman, DO

Grayland Godfrey, MDGrayland Godfrey, MD
Howard University College of Medicine

Personal Interests: In my free time I like watching movies, learning new exercises, and exploring new places. I also enjoy trying new restaurants, playing my violin, and learning about different cultures.
Professional Interests: In general, I am interested in primary care pediatrics as well as adolescent medicine and sports medicine. I would also like to have the opportunity to be involved in public health and the creation of health policy.

Mawada Hussein, MDMawada Hussein, MD
Mansoura University

Sheryl Johnson, MDSheryl Johnson, MD
George Washington University School of Medicine

Personal Interests: Singing, Dancing, Foodventures, Spending time with family and friends
Professional Interests: Pediatric pulmonology, Underserved medicine, Public Health

John Realyvasquez, MDJohn Realyvasquez, MD
St. George’s University School of Medicine

Personal Interests: In my spare time, I love to spend time with my fiance and enjoy a good Netflix show. Additionally, I am an avid snowboarder and kickboxer. I enjoy cookouts with family and friends. Currently, I am working on advancing my BBQ skills. I am tinkering with a new dry rub recipe and hope to perfect it by next summer.
Professional Interests: I am currently interested in Pediatric Sports Medicine, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, and Pediatric Intensive Care. Also, I enjoy teaching medical students and future pediatricians. My hope is to pass on my knowledge to future generations of physicians and inspire others to do the same. I would also like to provide care to underserved populations and decrease barriers in access to care in low-income and socially disadvantaged communities.

Yasmina Samaha, MDYasmina Samaha, MD
Drexel University School of Medicine

Personal Interests: I love baking, dancing, and brunch with friends!
Professional Interests: Health Care for underserved populations, NICU/PICU


Saiyukti ChawlaSaiyukti Chawla, MD
Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

Personal Interests: I enjoy yoga, exercise, traveling, music and spending time with my friends and family! Also, if you need someone to taste test your baked goods, I'm your girl :)
Professional Interests: I am really hoping to specialize in hematology-oncology or endocrinology!

Afroditi Emporelli, MDAfroditi Emporelli, MD

Aileen HernandezAileen Hernandez, MD
American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

Personal interests: I enjoy long road trips with my fiancé, taking my dog on mini-adventures, and spending time with my family. When time permits, I also enjoy reading thrilling novels and binge-watching TV shows.
Professional Interests: I aspire to be a primary care pediatrician. I greatly value the patient-doctor relationship, patient education, and advocacy.

German MosaGerman Mosa, MD
Zagzig University

Personal Interests: Passion to help and advocate underserved communities. Social networking. Enjoy travelling to the beaches, waterparks, and zoos. Cooking and spending free time with my family and friends.
Professional Interests: Neonatal-Prenatal Medicine (NICU) - Pediatric Cardiology and Hematology/Oncology.

Poonam NayakPoonam Nayak, MD
Maharashtra Institute of Medical Education and Research

Personal Interests: hiking, running, reading, searching for dogs to pet
Professional Interests: pediatric hospital medicine, public health, pediatric critical care

Stuti PathakStuti Pathak, MD
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Medical Education Trust Medical College

Personal Interests: I enjoy singing, eating homemade food, going outdoors, doing yoga, and watching movies
Professional Interests: I am coming in with an open mind. However, I would like to explore Pediatric Cardiology and Neonatology specifically

Arvind RadhakrishnanArvind Radhakrishnan, MD

St. George’s University School of Medicine

Personal Interests: Family & Friends, Tabletop Games, tinkering with my computer, and Breakfast foods
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency

Roshan RijalRoshan Rijal, MD
Kathmandu Medical College

Personal Interests: Traveling, spending time with my wife and family, hanging out with friends, cooking, watching sci-fi movies, watching Premier League (a big soccer fan here)
Professional Interests: Primary care, community advocacy, serving the underserved communities, Pediatric cardiology, neonatal and perinatal medicine (However, I still need to explore more during residency), Mentoring

Isaac SnyderIsaac Snyder, DO
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Personal Interests: I am passionate about cooking, especially trying out new recipes and creating new dishes from leftovers. I love to read, whether it is a research article or a mythology book. I especially cherish spending time with my nieces and nephews. Lastly, I enjoy investing in the stock market, which not only gives me an opportunity to put my affinity for numbers to good use, but also helps me keep up to date with current affairs.
Professional Interests: Pediatric GI, Weight Management.

Amrita SunkadAmrita Sunkad, MD
Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences

Personal Interests: I love to cook, sketch and enjoy spending time with friends and family; and have a unparalleled passion for reading fiction novels.
Professional Interests: General Pediatrics, Behavioral Pediatrics, Adolescent medicine.


Safa Abdulhai, DOSafa Abdulhai, DO

Fariba Abedi, MDFariba Abedi, MD

Suman Dhakal, MDSuman Dhakal, MD

Blakemore Gentner, MDBlakemore Gentner, MD

Marie Kaakijian, MDMarie Kaakijian, MD

Ryan Kirk, MDRyan Kirk, MD

Shania Leslie, MDShania Leslie, MD

Gaurav Mahato, MDGaurav Mahato, MD

Kyle Prisby, MDKyle Prisby, MD

Mirra Said, MDMirra Said, MD

Kesha Shah, DOKesha Shah, DO

Shereen Tajalli, MDShereen Tajalli, MD

Child Neurology

Harini Morisetty, DOHarini Morisetty, DO, PGY2

Personal Interests: I enjoy traveling, baking, swimming, dancing, exploring new hobbies, and spending time with loved ones.
Professional Interests: Pediatric Neurology

Harshita Kandarpa, DO, PGY1

Jacklyn Johnson, MD, PGY1