Essential Functions

Essential Functions are general (non-academic) skills, related to the knowledge and practice of Medical Lab Science, which applicants and students must possess and master to successfully complete the program. The program’s essential functions are listed below:

  • Understand and apply all material provided in the MLS Program
  • Accurately follow guidelines for handling, storing, and/or disposal of chemical and biological substances.
  • Follow laboratory standard operating procedures and safety protocols during all phases (e.g. pre-examination, examination, and post-examination) of laboratory testing.
  • Accurately interpret oral and written instructions in the English language.
  • Analyze laboratory results and determine accurately.
  • Recognize and troubleshoot or problem-solve lab test errors, discrepancies, and system malfunctions to reconcile issues in a timely fashion.
  • Observe and appropriately handle all biological samples for clinical laboratory testing.
  • Differentiate sample characteristics, such as turbidity, color, odor, viscosity, and shape/form.
  • Have the physical dexterity to properly use and/or manipulate all laboratory equipment, instruments, and supplies such as pipettes, test tubes, forceps, inoculating loops, and slides to ensure accurate results.
  • Visualize and interpret all icons, text, numbers, and graphs.
  • Ability to hear and differentiate alarm sounds.
  • Physically stand and/or sit for extended periods of time, reach for laboratory bench and supplies to perform daily job-related tasks, and navigate through narrow corridors or spaces to access the various sections of the department and hospital.
  • Collect patient samples using safe and sterile techniques.
  • Ability to perform repetitive practices such as pipetting and computer typing.
  • Demonstrate professional behavior and empathy at all times when communicating with patients, colleagues, and clinical staff.
  • Practice professional behavior by accepting constructive criticism.
  • Ensure patient confidentiality measures are always followed.

Applicants accepted into MMC’s MLS Program, will be provided the Essential Functions form to complete. Receipt of the signed document confirms understanding and ability to fulfill these requirements.