Residency Graduates


Ljubica Minova, PharmD

Research Projects: (1) Retiming of Medications to Prevent Delirium in Older Adults (RetiMeD). (2) Evaluation of hyperglycemia in older adults with varying therapies.


Leah Leszcynski, PharmD

Research Project: Development and implementation of a proton pump inhibitor deprescribing algorithm in a geriatric ambulatory care office.


Christine Arquero, PharmD, BCGP

Research Projects: (1) Development and implementation of an age-appropriate agitation management algorithm in the emergency department. (2) Safety and appropriateness of antimicrobial usage in elderly patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria.


Rachel Biviano, PharmD, BCGP

Research Projects: (1) Implementation of a pharmacist-led transitions of care service at an outpatient geriatric health center. (2) Evaluation of ceftriaxone dosing for the treatment of pneumonia and urinary tract infections in pediatric and geriatric patient groups.