Salaries and Benefits

Benefits of the CBMC OBGYN Residency

Meal Allowance: $340 quarterly.

Vacation: A total of four weeks paid vacations per year are allowed.

Insurance: Health, hospital, dental insurance and prescription plan for the resident, spouse, and dependent children are provided by CBMC. Life insurance, in an amount equal to the annual salary paid, and professional liability insurance are also included in the benefits package.

Educational/Book Allowance: $400 annually for all residents, with rollover.

Conferences: Residents have the opportunity to attend various lectures and conferences away from the hospital.

Lab Coats: Three white lab coats per year are issued to each resident.

Counseling and psychological support services are available 24/7.


PGY1 $60,243
PGY2 $64,326
PGY3 $68,264
PGY4 $72,250

Parking: Free