Humanities Curriculum

Humanities Curriculum - Certificate in Medical Humanities

In 2007 we began development of our humanities curriculum as part of a pilot project sponsored by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Our proposal focused on humanism and was titled "Read two poems and Call me in the morning. Humanities/humanism at the bedside for residents and other health care professionals. A controlled innovation to improve resident education and patient care outcomes. Short title: Humanities/Humanism at the Bedside." We have since solidified our curriculum and incorporated it into our medical education and training.

The program includes a variety of experiences including didactic lectures on the humanities and arts, medical narrative, ethics, and other related topics. In addition, residents are involved in projects that directly affect their relationship with their patients.
Through an academic affiliation with the Drew University Caspersen School for Graduate Studies, our residents have the ability to achieve a Certificate in Medical Humanities during their residency training. Our graduates have greatly appreciated the opportunity to be exposed to the humanities curriculum as well as the added credentials they have gained.

  • Enhanced Medical Humanities curriculum incorporated
  • Narrative medicine, Art and Medicine, Ethics, Professionalism, Communication and End of Life
  • Graduating residents receive a Certificate in Medical Humanities (CMH) from Drew University’s Caspersen School of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Paul Wangenheim
    Dr. Paul Wangenheim
    Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program
    Dr. Phyllis DeJesse
    Phyllis DeJesse, D.M.H., M.A., R.N.
    Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program
Class of 2015
humanities class of 2015