Salaries & Benefits

Resident salaries are as follow:

  • PGY 1: $ 49,809
  • PGY 2: $ 52,723
  • PGY 3: $ 55,727
  • PGY 4: $ 58,943

Health, hospital and dental insurance along with a prescription plan are provided by CBMC for the resident, spouse and dependent children. Life insurance, in the amount equal to the yearly salary, disability insurance, and professional liability insurance are also included in the benefits package.

Meal allowances are allotted on a monthly basis, determined by the number of nights on call. Each resident is given a meal “credit card” to which an allowance of $13 per day on call is credited monthly.

Vacation in the amount of 4 paid weeks per year is part of the residency program. This vacation is taken in one to two week blocks. Lab coats and a book allowance are also provided for the residents on a yearly basis. Counseling and psychological support services are available.