Medical Student Rotations

Community Medical Center is excited to announce its Podiatric Medicine Residency Program PMSR/RRA three year program beginning in July 2021.

Community Medical Center accepts applications for medical students to complete rotations in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Completed applications and supporting documentation must be submitted to the AACPM. Approval of student rotations are determined by whether the program’s master schedule can accommodate the request.

We are committed to providing the best possible clinical training, a comprehensive educational program, and other excellent opportunities. Our program is structured with a distinctive medical-student focus and will also offer exposure to many areas as well as support in educational activities. Students' weekly schedules will offer opportunities in many areas including wound care and surgery. During rotations, students will work with clinical teams and teaching faculty. Experience with direct patient contact, teaching rounds, as well as conferences will allow students to build upon their medical knowledge. Additionally exposure to diverse patient populations and understanding of particular medical specialties will serve to enhance students’ awareness and comprehension.

Acting Internships

As acting interns on the Podiatric Medicine inpatient service, students on this rotation:

  • Work with the resident team providing direct inpatient care.
  • Attend daily teaching rounds with faculty.
  • Actively participate in podiatric medicine and surgical cases.
  • Rotate with faculty who will be teaching at our institution who are highly diversified and specialist in the field.

Student Clerkships

Teaching basic high-quality podiatric care is the focus of the clerkship experience. Under the instruction of a faculty mentor, students will have access and participate in direct hands-on experience:

  • Students work on a Podiatric Medicine inpatient surgical team.
    • The team consists of the residents and faculty.
    • Students will advance their knowledge, skills and clinical judgment of the management of wound care and hospitalized patients.
  • Students will care for their patients, developing excellent clinical skills with an emphasis on differential diagnosis and management plans, and will suggest orders for their patients.
  • Students will gain exposure to in-hospital and office physical examinations and procedures.
  • Students will be actively participating in inpatient and outpatient surgical cases.

Evaluations and other pertinent records will be maintained in the Department of Podiatric Medicine by the student coordinator and copies will be forwarded to the student’s medical school.