Medical Student Rotations

Community Medical Center accepts applications for medical students to complete rotations in Internal Medicine. Applications must be completed and submitted with supporting documentation to Student rotations are approved based on the rotation(s) requested and whether the program’s master schedule can accommodate the request.

internal medicine

Community Medical Center is excited to announce its intention to launch an Internal Medicine Residency Program; we are in the process of applying for accreditation with the ACGME. We are committed to providing the best possible clinical training, a comprehensive educational program, and excellent research opportunities.

We are designing a unique medical student-focused structure and will offer an excellent variety of exposure as well as support in scholarly activities. Students can choose between a variety of general medicine and sub-specialty clinical electives during their third or fourth years. During the rotations, students will work with clinical teams, which include residents and teaching faculty. Students can gain experience through direct patient contact, conferences, and teaching rounds with residents, allowing them to intensify their medical knowledge, and to obtain exposure to a diverse patient population and understanding of particular medical specialties of interest. In addition, the medical student will get the opportunity to participate in research.

Acting Internships

As acting interns on the Internal Medicine inpatient service, students on this rotation:

  • work with the resident team providing direct inpatient care
  • attend daily teaching rounds with faculty
  • actively participate in the internal medicine residency program’s educational conferences

Student Clerkships

Teaching basic high-quality primary care is the focus of the clerkship experience. Under the preceptorship of a faculty mentor, students will be guaranteed direct hands-on experience:

  • Students work on an inpatient medicine team with responsibilities similar to an Internal Medicine intern
    • The team consists of residents, faculty intensivists and internists, admitting internists and subspecialists.
  • Students will advance their knowledge, skills and clinical judgment of the management of acutely ill medical patients. The performance of common ward rotation procedures includes lumbar punctures, placement of central venous lines and assist in intubations and minor ICU procedures
  • Students will care for their patients, developing excellent clinical skills with an emphasis on differential diagnosis and management plans, and will suggest orders for their patients
  • All students, regardless of rotation, will have the opportunity to participate in our community outreach programs
  • Students will gain exposure to in-hospital and office physical examinations and procedures
Evaluations and other pertinent records will be maintained in the Department of Internal Medicine by the student coordinator and copies will be forwarded to the student’s medical school .