Breastfeeding 101 - New Brunswick

Get expert advice from our certified lactation consultant on beginning your breastfeeding journey with your newborn.

Find out how to tell if things are going well and when to get help.

Know that babies were meant to breastfeed, and what to expect in the first days and weeks.
Learn that babies have their own feeding rhythm, and that breastfed babies do not follow a schedule.
Find out how to tell if things are going well and when to get help.
Help fathers, grandparents, and siblings understand the importance of their roles in helping to make breastfeeding a success.


Out of an abundance of caution, at this time we are not offering the following in-person sessions: Maternity Tours, Childbirth Experience, Preparing and Caring for Baby and Breastfeeding 101. This is in the best interest and consideration of all expectant families. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In the event that your baby arrives before we resume any sessions, we will be happy to email you information to guide you from your arrival in the hospital through delivering your baby. In addition, if this is your first child we will mail to you, free of charge, the educational literature that you would receive if you attended the in-person sessions. This evidence-based information is based on our course books and classroom resources.

Please contact with any questions you have and to request to receive the educational literature.

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Offered every other month, starting in January. Registration required. Fee (see below). For details and to register call 888-637-9584.
Class Fees:

Breastfeeding 101 $35

Prices include mother and one coach, per class. You will make payment at the time of registration. No refunds for incomplete or non attendance.

Also Available:

Childbirth Experience $130
Preparing & Caring for Baby $130

Discount Packages:

#1 Childbirth Experience & Preparing and Caring for Baby, $210
#2 Childbirth Experience, Preparing & Caring for Baby, and Breastfeeding 101, $235

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