It's All in the Family: Cancer Prevention Through Family History

While you can’t control your genes, you can use that information to help you remain vigilant and healthy. Join Alejandra Rodriguez, M.S., CGC, Genetic Counselor with the Cancer Center at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, for a discussion on the importance of knowing your family health history and how it relates to your cancer risk assessment and prevention.

Topics include:

  • What family health history is important to know and on which members of a family.
  • How best to collect family health history.
  • Red flags to be mindful of within a family health history.
  • With whom to share family health history.

Additionally, Alejandra we will discuss how cancer risk assessment can lead to obtaining genetic testing, undergoing changes in a person’s cancer screening protocol and identifying cancer prevention strategies. Finally, she will review common hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC) and Lynch syndrome.

This program is free and pre-registration is required online through Zoom.