Emergency Preparedness - Equipping our Communities

Fellowship of Learning for Religious Leaders

Emergency Preparedness: Equipping our Communities

Tuesday, March 24

9 a.m. - Breakfast & Registration | 9:30 to 11 a.m. - Program

Outpatient Services Building - Auditorium | One Hamilton Health Place (Parking Lot C)

RSVP: 609.584.5900 or https://www.rwjbh.org/events.....

For those unable to attend in person contact Chaplain Ted Taylor for a Zoom video conference meeting code.


RWJ Hamilton’s Department of Pastoral Care & Training continues its series of free educational opportunities for religious leaders in our community. Our first program of 2020 is an introduction to public health emergency preparedness.

No one can predict the next public health emergency. Unfortunately, a viral pandemic, natural disaster, or act of terrorism could happen at any time. Therefore, we all need to be prepared to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. Mercer County Division of Public Health is committed to educating our residents on steps we can take to prepare for an emergency. This presentation will cover topics including: creating an emergency plan and emergency “go kit”, emergency evacuation and sheltering-in-place, pet preparedness, medication distribution to the public during an emergency, preparing for a communicable disease outbreak, and Register Ready.

At the program's conclusion, participants should be able to...

...describe three steps to take to become prepared for emergencies

...explain why it is important to be prepared for an outbreak of pandemic influenza

...describe three items that should be included in everyone’s “go kit” and why

...list three actions to take during a communicable disease outbreak


Darlene Andes is currently the Health Educator / Risk Communicator and LINCS Coordinator for the

Mercer County Division of Public Health. She is a Certified Health Education Specialist who has worked in the public health field for almost twenty years. Darlene currently works in the area of emergency preparedness and response. In addition to providing programs and trainings for county employees, volunteers, first responders, and community agencies, she also develops drills and full-scale exercises to test the county’s emergency plans.

A certificate of attendance for 2 contact hours will be available at no charge to all who attend.

Sponsored by the Department of Pastoral Care & Training, Robert Wood Johnson University

Hospital Hamilton and The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy, Princeton Chapter

RWJ University Hospital Hamilton

1 Hamilton Health Place

Outpatient Services Building - Auditorium

Hamilton, NJ 08690

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