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The Pediatric Ophthalmology Program

(732) 613-9191 or (732) 750-0400

The Pediatric Ophthalmology Program

Our Pediatric Ophthalmology Program specializes in the treatment of medical and surgical disorders of the eyes in children.

Comprehensive Services

  • Amblyopia or “lazy eye”, which can cause permanent loss of vision if not treated in childhood
  • Strabismus, which is misaligmnet of the eyes, including crossing and wandering eyes
  • Pediatric adjustable sutures
  • Congenital cataracts
  • Tear duct obstructions
  • Ptosis (droopy eyelid)
  • Benign tumors of the orbit and eyelids
  • Pediatric uveitis
  • Examinations under anesthesia

Multidisciplinary Team Approach

Some children with complex problems may require the expertise of a variety of pediatric specialists beyond those in our Pediatric Ophthalmology Program. For situations that require a multidisciplinary approach, we offer a wealth of expertise in every pediatric field, including radiology, anesthesiology, endocrinology, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedics and urology.

Whenever necessary, specialists from across the spectrum of care will work together to meet the needs of our young patients.