Jun 26, 2024 NOURISH™ Program – An Innovative Nursing Orientation Program from The Institute for Nursing Excellence


Pictured are the inaugural NOURISH participants at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center

Over the past several months, The Institute for Nursing Excellence’s Nursing Orientation Unit for RN Integration, Support, and Health (NOURISH™) Program was rolled out at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, RWJUH Somerset, and Community Medical Center. This program is a unique model for orienting newly licensed nurses on a dedicated orientation unit, specifically designed to promote competence, confidence and comfort. The cornerstone of the program is facilitating integration into the nursing profession and nursing team by providing support and prioritizing well-being. In this innovative program, the unit is geared towards supportive teaching and learning to ease the transition into the practice of professional nursing and mitigate challenges as new graduates enter practice.

Clinical experiences are planned and provided through the support of Preceptors and on-unit dedicated Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Practitioners, as well as other educational resources. Rather than starting orientation on their home unit, the NOURISH™ Program uses a dedicated orientation unit which serves as the ideal environment for experiential learning for the new graduate. This environment provides for the assimilation of new staff members into the team, goal-directed precepting, direct and timely two-way feedback and ongoing support and mentoring. Learn more about NOURISH™.

NURISH Somerset

Pictured are the inaugural NOURISH participants at RWJUH Somerset


Pictured are the inaugural NOURISH participants at Community Medical Center

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