Nov 22, 2023 Hugging Health Benefits

child hugging their dog

Research shows receiving hugs can have several physical and mental health benefits. A person should aim to get 8-12 firm hugs a day, and hold them for just about 20 seconds each. If you don’t want to hug another person, hugging your pet can be just as beneficial.

  • Hugs lower your blood pressure and heart rate, while also improving cardiovascular function.
  • Hugs decrease the release of cortisol, making you less stressed and allowing for improved sleep.
  • Hugs boost oxytocin in our bodies, which is associated with feeling happier.
  • Hugs are able to help reduce anxiety while they increase feelings of belonging and safety.
  • Hugs help balance your body, temporarily reduce chronic pain, and strengthen your immune system.
  • Hugs can be a comforting way to help you communicate with others.