May 12, 2023 Behavioral Health: 7 Warning Signs

Mental health awareness begins with recognizing symptoms like these.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month — designated to highlight the importance of behavioral health in people’s lives and celebrate recovery from mental illness. The first step toward better mental health can be to recognize that there’s an issue, says Frank Ghinassi, PhD, Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health and Addictions services at RWJBarnabas Health, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care.

Signs that you or a loved one may want to consider seeking care from a behavioral health professional include:

  1. Unusual mood changes and increased difficulty controlling emotions
  2. Sleeping or eating significantly more or less than usual
  3. Excessive worry, anxiety or sadness lasting more than a couple of weeks
  4. Decreased performance at work or school
  5. Noticeable decreases in concentration, problem-solving skills and memory
  6. Out-of-the-ordinary socialisolation from friends and family
  7. Increased use of alcohol or over-the-counter medication, or taking prescription drugs at doses higher than your physician recommends

Call 1-800-300-0628 or visit RWJBH Behavioral Health for information about our behavioral health services or a referral to a mental health specialist near you.

Behavioral Health: 7 Warning Signs infographic

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