Mar 25, 2022 World-Class Care For Ear, Nose, Throat And More

A partnership provides otolaryngology patients with top treatments.

Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center (CBMC) and ENT and Allergy Associates (ENTA) have joined forces to provide convenient and seamless services to patients through a wide range of otolaryngology and ear, nose and throat specialties.

Now, ENTA patients in New Jersey who need advanced treatments don’t have to travel far from home to receive world-class care.

Jean Eloy, MD
Jean Eloy, MD
“Research has shown that if you do head and neck surgery in a place that’s close to the patient’s home, where they can have chemotherapy or any other treatments in the same system, the patient has a better outcome,” says Jean Eloy, MD, Chair of the Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Department at CBMC. “The patient is less likely to miss appointments and more likely to be compliant with his plan of care. It’s much easier on the patient as well as the family. Proximity matters.”

Most important, patients of ENTA and CBMC will receive the highest level of care. “We have world-class expertise, here at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center and through our affiliation with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and Rutgers Cancer Institute,” says Dr. Eloy, who is also Vice Chair and Professor of Otolaryngology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. “Our expertise is second to none. Our patients benefit from the cutting-edge research taking place at these institutions, which we at Cooperman Barnabas can apply directly to treatments.”

ENTA patients can be referred to a CBMC surgeon through a HIPAA-compliant method of sharing medical records. If a patient needs the highly complex care CBMC can provide, he or she will be seen by a specialist within 48 hours.

A Team Of Specialists

The CBMC otolaryngology team is equipped to handle a wide range of conditions, Dr. Eloy explains.

“We can surgically treat advanced sinus disease, which can be very debilitating for a patient,” he says. “We are experts at treating sinus cancer, as well as the whole range of head and neck cancers.

“In the past, patients had to endure a craniotomy—a removal of part of the bone from the skull—in order to have a pituitary tumor removed,” he says. “Now we can go through the nose, and the patient can go home the next day. We have many cases in which our advanced techniques and technology allow us to do minimally invasive surgery and spare patients prolonged stays in the hospital.”

Endoscopic skull base surgery is a special focus for the CBMC group. This form of minimally invasive surgery allows surgeons to diagnose and treat growths located in the complicated and crowded area under the brain.

The delicate surgery requires a multidisciplinary team of trained surgeons and sophisticated image guidance. In addition to Dr. Eloy, the CBMC team includes skull base neurosurgeon James K. Liu, MD; sinus surgeon Wayne Hseuh, MD; and ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeons Paul D. Langer, MD, and Roger E. Turbin, MD.

“There’s nothing comparable to our team in the state of New Jersey,” says Dr. Eloy, “and our services are equal to or better than any in New York.”

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