Safety TRICKS to Make Pumpkin Carving a Real TREAT!


  • Purchase a pumpkin carving kit!
    • The tools provided in these kits promote a safer carving experience. Do not use kitchen knives; they are very sharp and place you at greater risk of injury.
  • Let an adult handle the carving!
    • It is safest to have kids help remove the guts and trace a fun design onto the pumpkin with a marker.
  • Keep your hands dry!
    • Slippery hands make it difficult to safely hold carving tools and your pumpkin increasing your risk of injury. Keep a towel with you to wipe your hands.
  • Cut away from you!
    • Never cut towards yourself or in line of any body parts (for example, do not put your other hand on the pumpkin behind the area you are carving).
    • Cut small and take your time.
  • If an injury occurs…
    • Take a clean cloth and apply pressure directly on the wound. If bleeding does not slow down or stop within 15 minutes, go to the emergency room.

Happy Halloween and Safe Carving!

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