Safely Celebrating Your Baby’s Homecoming

Tips from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s Family Advisory Council at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

For many, a new baby’s first homecoming is a milestone to be celebrated with family and friends. For those who are bringing their baby home from the hospital or preparing to take their baby home from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), they might be wondering how to safely celebrate during this time given the concerns surrounding COVID-19. 

NICU graduate parents at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, those who have had children who were cared from in the NICU, recommend a virtual celebration -- just like the many birthday parties and anniversaries that have been held over the last few months.

Their ideas include:

  • Sending paper or email invitations, decorating with balloons, putting baby in a special outfit and hosting a virtual party from baby’s new bedroom.
  • Those “in attendance” can share a special wish for baby that can be collected and kept for baby to see in the future. Try a scrapbook or a virtual app such as; VidHug, VidDay, and
  • You can also take screen shots of all on the “call” as a keepsake.
  • Another idea is to set up balloons and dress the baby in a special outfit and then stand inside a glass front door while family and friends stop by at assigned times to safely visit with from outside.
  • You can even to take photos of the new family through the door!