Re-Opening: Are You Emotionally Ready?

One Source EAP Connections - July 2020

We’re Ready to Emerge From Our Cocoons

masked woman with signOur economy in the Northeast is slowly reopening. Stay at home rules have been relaxed and more types of businesses and activities are allowed to reopen every week or so. We’ve been assured that the plans have been carefully considered to protect our safety.

While the prospect of getting a haircut, eating at a restaurant or going back to the workplace fills many of us with joy, at the same time, we can feel anxious and unsure. Are the safety guidelines enough? Is it too soon? Will we see a second wave due to reopening? We look at other parts of the country that opened much sooner and see spikes in illness.

These feelings of stress and anxiety are common as the current circumstances are legitimately stressful. However, there are ways we can stay safe, both physically and emotionally. The experts tell us PPE, face coverings and handwashing, will keep us safe physically. We can also arm ourselves with EPE —Emotional Protective Equipment. Find out more about EPE on the side bar.

Remember, you are never alone! Should you feel challenged emotionally by returning to your new normal, please reach out to One Source EAP at (800) 300-0628. We are here for you 24 x 7 x 365.

EPE For Your Emotional Health

EPE is critical for all of us as we begin to open ourselves to being in social or economic situations. EPE includes:

  • Strengthening your body and mind to manage stress
  • Practicing self-kindness
  • Employing mindfulness techniques
  • Limit exposure to news or social media.
  • Businesses and supervisors must ensure the workplace is physically and emotionally safe.

For full details, read, "As reopening begins in uncertain coronavirus times, you need emotional protective equipment, too"

EPE Tools from One Source EAP

Throughout the pandemic, One Source EAP has continued to develop EPE tools for you and your family.

  • The Calm Collection, videos designed to make you feel better in about two minutes.
  • Live virtual seminars on Stress Relief, Meditation, Care for the Caregiver, Compassion Fatigue and much more! To schedule a virtual seminar, contact your HR partner who will schedule it with One Source EAP.
  • Video therapy sessions to help you feel safe while addressing your emotional needs.

One Source EAP Connections July 2020To take advantage of your EAP benefit, contact 800.300.0628, 24/7, 365 days a year.
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