Jump Start Program

Center for Health and Wellness

Jump Start Program, are you active?

Have you exercised before or has it been awhile since you’ve considered yourself active?

Are you unsure of what to do to get started?

The Jump Start program offers an introductory fitness class that focuses on learning the importance of exercise and how it relates to your overall health.

The Jump Start classes offer:

  • Flexible class times with rolling enrollment options
  • Instruction provided by bachelors- and masters-prepared exercise physiologists
  • Introduction to small group training
  • Exercise programming that assists with decreasing risk factors for heart disease
  • Preparation for the 12-week programming and disease modification-based classes

Areas of focus:

  • Safe parameters for exercise, individualized for your needs
  • Fitness goal setting
  • Functional exercises to help with everyday activities
  • Posture and core exercises
  • Weight bearing strength training
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Balance

Criteria to join the Jump Start Program:

  • Clearance from a referring, managing physician
  • Completed pre-screening with our staff over the phone
  • Confirmed eligibility for one of our 12-week programs

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