How to Join

All members interested in joining must have our physicians clearance form signed by their referring physician before any appointments can be made. Forms can be faxed, mailed or brought directly to our Center at the time of your appointment.


Consultation appointments can be made to speak with an employee, pick up our packet information and view our Center.

If you have any questions, please call us at (973) 322-7444.

Membership rates

$100 Initiation Fee & $60 Per Month

Initiation fee is waived if coming from SBMC Cardiac rehab or Physical Therapy

Pre-Pay Membership Discounts

3 month pre-pay - 5% discount = $171.00 (save $9.00)

6 month pre-pay - 10% discount = $324.00 (save $36.00)

1 year pre-pay - 15% discount = $612.00 (save 108.00)

Please note pre-paying your account is at a discounted rate set by the Center for Health and Wellness. Any unused portion of this prepayment will not be refunded. Pre-paying your membrship is optional. When a pre-pay has ended, it is the member's obligation to pay for the next billable month. In the event of a Medical Freeze or vacation plan, your months of prepayment will be extended.

Patient Stories

  • "I was ready to fight hard. Being a mom with a four year old daughter just made me push harder. I didn't stop living. I didn't stop being a mom."

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  • "I went to bed and woke up at about 2am with the most severe and indescribable pain in my chest"

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  • “Now the only thing I need to take every day is my vitamin”

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Patient Stories

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