9th Geriatric Symposium: Optimizing Peri-Operative Care in the Elderly

This event, moderated by Theresa Redling, DO, FACP, Medial Director of the James and Sharon Maida Geriatrics Institute at SBMC; Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine Rutgers-New Jersey School, featured Paul Yodice, MD, FCCP, FEEM, Chairman of Medicine, Director of Clinical Excellence and Effectiveness; Richard S. Yoon, MD, Director, Orthopedic Research, Division of Orthopedic Trauma & Adult Reconstruction, Department of Orthopedic Surgery; Richard Pitera, Jr., MD, Associate Chair of Anesthesiology; Kassandra Ramos, PharmD, MBA, BCCP; and Jennifer Stein, MS, RDN, CDCES.

Learning outcome include being able to develop new pathways to optimize peri-operative care in the elderly, appreciating the complexity of managing peri-operative care and a multi-disciplinary approach in the elderly and applying new knowledge to elderly patients.