Heroes Work Here: Timothy Cash, Maintenance Worker

Maintenance Worker Timothy Cash, talks about his focus on the safety of Community Medical Center patients, and everyone who works at the hospital. Every member of the hospital’s team has contributed to efforts to care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the Community Medical Center team in Toms River have been tirelessly caring for patients, and one another, as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout it all, they have responded with strength, skill, and compassion, and shown who they truly are – heroes.


Safety is always first. They give us a lot of input in the morning, on our morning meetings and our safety huddles on how to proceed with this whole – with everything that’s going on for not only for our safety, but the safety of our patients and our other staff who have members as well.

When I come into the building I still feel the same, I’m here to do a job, and I’m here to help as much as possible. And being in the maintenance department may not be hands-on, but we’re here to support the staff 110 percent.