Heroes Work Here: Sarah Nadanamoorthi, Patient Safety Manager

As part of the Command Center team, Sarah Nadanamoorthi, Patient Safety Manager, Quality Resource Services, answered questions and provided guidance and information to staff and the community at large during the COVID-19 pandemic. She discusses some of her most memorable moments.

Members of the Community Medical Center team in Toms River have been tirelessly caring for patients, and one another, as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout it all, they have responded with strength, skill, and compassion, and shown who they truly are – heroes.


The most important thing to me has been that I’ve met an uncountable number of people that I maybe never would have met before or gotten to know, and learn about them. I get to hear their stories, what makes them tick, who’s waiting for them at home, who do they miss, who do they care about, what are they afraid of?

A lot of phone calls come in, people come down, and they’re scared, you know? They’re telling us, ‘I couldn’t get up this morning,’ or ‘I couldn’t sleep last night,’ or ‘I was afraid to come to work today,’ or ‘I was afraid to leave’ even. Meeting those people and getting to hear their stories and then also for the group of us saying that we feel safe here, and that we’re so happy to have met each other and those are relationships that no one can take away.