Heroes Work Here: Daniel James Wong, Nurse

As a nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic, Daniel James Wong, RN, has helped to care for patients in many ways, including spiritually and emotionally. He discusses how he has helped to connect patients and their loved ones in their moments of need.

Members of the Community Medical Center team in Toms River have been tirelessly caring for patients, and one another, as they respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout it all, they have responded with strength, skill, and compassion, and shown who they truly are – heroes.


I would say the most memorable experience, personally, would be the opportunity to connect loved ones with one another. This whole COVID thing it’s a terrible situation, mainly because it’s isolating people. I was able to connect a loved one with someone who’s dying, personally, and they have been able to, at least, say their final goodbyes, or have a priest come in and video chat and have them say the last rites for the family, so that, at least, even if they can’t be there presently, physically, they can at least be there spiritually, emotionally. I’ll be their hands to hold their loved ones in their time of need. It’s really profound. It’s an honor to be able to help someone know that their loved one’s cared for and that they – even as far as they are – will be able to be there for them.