Child Life Services

Child Life Department: (732) 923-6525

Child Life ServicesThe Child Life Department is comprised of a group of Child Life Specialists who promote family-centered health care for patients and their families.

The staff helps children, teens, and family members through health care experiences using therapeutic activities and interventions. Preparation for medical procedures and emotional support through diagnosis and treatment are also offered to the Pediatric patients throughout the hospital.

Our services include:

  • Psychological preparation for medical procedures & surgeries
  • Support & coping techniques for medical procedures & tests
  • Developmentally age-appropriate activities in the playrooms, bedside and outpatient treatment areas.
  • Day stay surgery tour & video
  • Pediatric Medical Day Stay
  • Sibling preparation for visits to the PICU
  • Celebrations of special events (birthdays, holidays, & entertainment
  • Stay Smart University school program
  • Pet therapy
  • Support and preparation for children whose parents/loved ones are critical or newly diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. (referrals only)
  • School-reentry program

For more information, please contact Child Life Services at (732) 923-6525.