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Trinitas Institute for Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Allied Treatments

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is considered to be the gold standard for treating individuals who have difficulties with emotional regulation. At Trinitas DBT, we believe that everyone should have access to comprehensive, quality DBT. We are committed to providing treatment in a compassionate, individualized, and effective manner that emphasizes the balance between acceptance and change. Our ultimate goal is assisting our clients in building lives worth living!

The DBT programs at the Trinitas Institute are certified by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC)TM. This means that they were independently evaluated by DBT experts and observed to have the structure and practices consistent with the ability to provide comprehensive (or adapted) DBT. This matters most for clients, families, and consumers because it increases the chances they are getting adherent, research-supported DBT treatment.

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Our Programs

The Adult and Adolescent DBT Programs

Whether you are coming to the Trinitas Adult or Adolescent DBT program, all individuals/families will receive the following services:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly DBT skills group
  • Between-session phone coaching

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In addition, the following services are available for those interested or when necessary:

  • Medication monitoring
  • Psychological testing
  • Case management
  • Evidence-based trauma-focused therapy (e.g., Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy [TF-CBT*], Prolonged Exposure (PE*)

*Please be aware that in DBT, trauma treatment is only initiated after an individual has successfully completed skills training and is no longer engaging in life threatening/self-harming behaviors.

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For more information about DBT through the Trinitas Institute for Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Allied Treatments, please call

Adult DBT Program
654 East Jersey Street
2nd Floor
Elizabeth, NJ 07206-1259
(908) 994-7087 (Adult Program)
Adolescent DBT Program
655 East Jersey Street
1st Floor
Elizabeth, NJ 07206-1259
(908) 994-7378 (English Adolescent Program)
(908) 994-7589 (Spanish Adolescent Program)

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Patient Stories

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