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Interventional Radiology Suite Campaign

Your gifts will help Trinitas diagnose and provide minimally invasive procedures to patients with a wide variety of conditions, particularly those who suffer from cancer, organ and cardiovascular diseases.

“With this new IR Suite, our patients will have access to the tremendous benefits that today’s interventional radiological procedures have to offer healthcare.”
- Dr. Eugene Kennedy, Chairman of Radiology.

Currently there is a disparity between our equipment and the equipment found at suburban medical centers. You can help us upgrade our equipment so that the impoverished and underserved people of the Greater Elizabeth Region have full and equal access to this technologically advanced care, regardless of ability to pay.

IR enables our physicians to perform surgical procedures that diagnose, treat and cure a variety of conditions in a minimally invasive way. Procedures guide needles, fine catheter tubes, and/or wires inside the body without the need for large incisions or general anesthesia, thereby reducing side effects and recovery time.

It is most commonly used in the direct placement of treatment therapies into patients who suffer from cancer, organ and a variety of cardiovascular diseases. At Trinitas it is also commonly used for placing pain killing therapies in our palliative care patients.

This campaign will benefit well over 1,200 patients annually and tens of thousands of patients over the course of its useful life. Help us improve the lives of our patients!

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Patient Stories

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  • Watch Testimonial